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Contact Information for 立博体育登录 Facilities (运输) Department

Please call us for information and/or let us know if you are having any difficulties.


Phone: 781-239-2480


Uber Program

2023年9月5日- 2023年12月19日

Uber runs from the 立博体育登录 Wellesley Hill Campus to/from the Riverside Green Line station and the Wellesley Farms Commuter Rail stop.

秋季优步路线和时间表bb0生效9月. 5-Dec. 19 2023 →


Registration is required to participate in the Uber Program. Rides are free unless you exceed the allowed fare amount. Tipping the Uber driver through the 立博体育登录 account is prohibited. If students wish to tip the dirve, they must do so through their personal Uber Account.  Please allow roughly two hours to process your enrollement. Approximatly one hour after you submit your application, you will receive an email from Business Uber to your 立博体育登录 email address to confirm your participation.




Campus to Campus with a stop at Framingham State University!

MWRTA | FSU, 立博体育登录弗雷明汉, 立博体育登录 Wellesley | Shuttle Schedule effective September 5, 2023 - May 22, 2024 →

MetroWest Regional Transit Authority (MWRTA Campus Shuttle)


Please see the above link for helpful information on the Route 1 在马萨诸塞湾韦尔斯利停靠的班车, Route 3 在马萨诸塞湾和弗雷明汉停靠的班车, Catch Connect,以及其他由MWRTA营运的穿梭路线.

Woodland T Station Shuttle - MWRTA Route 1/Free Shuttle →


The Youth Pass Program offers reduced fares to young adults with low income. The program is a partnership between the T and participating cities and towns.


  • Cash value for roughly 50% reduced one-way fares
  • $10 7天linkpass
  • linkpass每月30美元

Your card can also be used to purchase reduced monthly passes for Commuter Rail, Ferry, 及快速巴士.




The 运输 Support Program is designed specifically to assist students who may be facing challenges related to covering the cost of transportation during their fall semester classes. This program aims to provide a small monthly scholarship that will help to subsidize your transportation costs and potentially reduce your travel time to campus. This support is intended to offer you flexibility in allocating the funds towards covering expenses for your commute to and from campus.


  • Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credits at 立博体育登录 during the current semester;
  • GPA要求:2.2 or higher; (新生可申请) 
  • Students must maintain good standing at the College;
  • Acceptance into the program is not guaranteed for all applicants due to limited funds;
  • Decisions will be based on the content of the application process. Statements will be assessed for content, not writing style;
  • All students who are experiencing transportation obstacles are eligible to apply, 无论经济援助状况如何, 领取公共援助, 或者公民身份.


The application period is now open and will close at 2023年9月19日星期二下午5点. Please ensure that your application is submitted by this deadline to be considered for the scholarship. 逾期申请将不获受理.

要访问该应用程序,请访问 马萨诸塞湾交通奖学金申请.